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The Prologue follows the twins first Summer on the farm.

During this time you're introduced to the basic of gameplay. Tutorials are presented to you as tasks designed to help you learn more about the world and how it works.

At any point you're free to take a break from it all to go exploring, gather items or make new friends.

Day One

After being woken from a strange dream, your sibling sets you to work on your daily tasks. Don't forget to check in with Uncle Bill.

  • Meet Uncle Bill
  • Unlock map of Willowdown Farm
  • Pick a dandelion
  • Feed the pig

That night there is a dream sequence where you meet the mysterious Mr Fairweather.

Day Two

Uncle Bill has asked you to travel to the local village to run an errands. Don't forget to collect yesterdays earnings from the nightstand and be sure to check the mailbox for any new letters.

  • Buy a Tin Bucket
  • Meet Twig

Twig, the boy who lives north of the farm, wishes to meet. Why not pop in to say hello when you have a spare moment.

Day Three

Its market day today. Uncle Bill wants you to head down to festival green and pick up seeds to get the farm up and running.

  • Buy some seeds from the Market

Getting to the market shouldn't take long. Once you're done, use your free time to explore The Vale a little.

Day Four

Mother Hubbard, the master of cooking, would like you to bring her some milk. Whilst you're there, maybe you can pick up a thing or two about cooking.

  • Make a Milk Delivery.
  • Try your hand at cooking

Don't forget to collect the milk from Butterscotch before you leave.

Day Five

Uncle Bills rusty sickle needs replacing. Crafting a new one is going to take a while so you best start early. Talk to Jeremie at the blacksmiths to get you started.

  • Get a Sickle from the blacksmith

Double check you've grabbed the lantern from the farmhouse table, as you may need to enter the mine to gather ore before forging your first item.

Day Six

Theres not much to do today but that doesn't mean you need to remain idle. Head down to the local noticeboard to see if any of the villagers need any help.

  • Read the noticeboard in the village

The pig auction is on today, you probably won't be able to afford a new pig but its worth swinging by to see how it all works.

Day Seven

Goddess Day is the most important day of the week. Uncle Bills wants you to head over to Festival Green so he can teach you how to make your weekly offering.

  • Attend Druida's Day festivities

Making an offering isn't essential but the Goddesses might take a disliking to you if you fail to do it.

Day Eight

Uncle Bills not feeling too great. Head down to the apothecary to see if you can grab a cure to clear up his symptoms.

  • Cure Uncle Bill

Whilst you're there you might as well get in some experience with crafting cures.

Day Nine

More milk deliveries today.

Another dream at the end of the day. This one is about a mysterious tomb from somewhere outside of The Vale

Day Ten


Uncle Bill has nothing for you to do today but it looks like you've got some new mail in the post.

Northgate is just up from Candlewych Village but you'll have all day to yourself before Lucy wants to meet.

Day Eleven

Today is the day that Icabod Moon has requested your help. Head to the goods store in town and he'll fill you in on the rest. It looks like you have mail from Ash Brown as well.

  • Ash Brown's enigma

Ash can be found near Cuckoo Wood's southern exit, leading to Candlewych West.

Day Twelve

Twig has left you another letter. Seems important as hes slipped it under the farmhouse door rather than leaving it in the mailbox. You'll need to wait till midnight tomorrow before you'll truly understand whats going on.

Day Twelve

Its unlike your sibling to leave the farm, you should probably go check out whats up with them.

  • Meet your sibling at the North Gate

North Gate is west of the farm.

Day Twelve

Its Summertide today, the whole village is going to be at Festival Green. Uncle Bill wants you and your sibling to come along and experience the ritial first hand.

  • Attend Summertide

Another dream to end the day. Maybe this time you can finally get some answers from Twig... or even Mr Fairweather himelf...?