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Combat 01 Final.png

You can go into combat to gain items and Reputation. There are also some tasks that require you to visit the combat areas to seek out those unfortunate to have become lost.

Combat is for adults only, so it is only possible once you have completed the Prologue, by which time you would have grown up a bit. However, as soon as the Prologue is over, you will be able to visit Master Jogon in Rivermoor to learn the basics and unlock your first important skill.

To enter into combat, pass through the archways and you'll be taken to the loadout screen. Then straight into battle when you're ready


There are three combat zones located on the map, with each one presenting a different set of monsters to challenge you. The name of each zone reveals its level of difficulty.

In Simplewood, Mr. Fairweather will revive you four times before taking a year of life as payment. In Midwood, Mr. Fairweather will revive you twice before taking a year of life as payment and in Toughwood they will revive you just the once.

If you are struggling in combat, you can change the speed of the enemies by going to Accessibility in the Options menu and using the slider marked Combat monster speed.


You can prepare for harder combat by

  • Levelling up your swords
  • Crafting Wards and Charms
  • Taking a cooked meal with traits like Strength or Toughness
  • Buying or crafting combat recipes at Apothecary's
  • Taking pets with you
  • Unlocking skills via Jogon and Moon.

Many of these action can be managed on the loadout menu.


For more information on combat you can seek out Jogon and Moon, who will give you in game tutorials on how to fight with melee weapons and at range

More details on their tutorial can be found here: