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Don't forget to check the mailbox on your farm regularly. A red flag will indicate when there is a new letter to read:

Reading Mail

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These tabs allow you to filter between Unread and Archived letters. The faces on the wax seal display who sent the letter to you.

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Once a letter is selected from the list on the left hand side, you can read the contents within and claim any gift that might have been sent.

To change your selected task:

  • Mouse: Click on a letter in the list
  • Keyboard: Use the up or down arrow keys
  • Gamepad: Use the left thumbstick to move up or down

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Any mail that gets read is added to the archive tab and can be viewed at any time by returning to the mailbox.

Family Mailboxes

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Every family home has their own mailbox. If you can't find the NPC you're looking for you can complete tasks and give gifts directly to the mailbox. Although this option isn't avalible for any marrage focused tasks. As that must be done in person.

Beware, any gift exchanged via the mailbox will not result in unlocking any gossip from the NPC. Gifts must be handed over in person to get the full diallog

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To use a family mailbox select one of the family members from the avalible options. If any of the NPCs have an ongoing tasks then the required item will be shows on the right hand side of their label.

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By selecting one on the NPCs the player is then given the choice to give a standard gift or resolve the task by handing over the required item:

  • Gifting takes the player to the inventory menu where they can select an item to gift
  • Selecting the task option takes the player to a version of the inventory where only items related to the task have been filtered

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