Marble Toss

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Marble Toss 01 Final.png

Go to Festival Green in the Vale during Market and Goddess Days to play the throwing game. It is located to the right by a walled off stone area. Cost is 5 Brass per go.

How to Play

Marble Toss 02 Final.png

Toss balls from the side of the arena and try to land them in the middle of the yellow rings.

  • Land the ball in the centre of a circle for most points.
  • Smaller circle are worth more points (up to 150).
  • A green circle grants you a free ball.
  • Bounce the ball across multiple rings to gain combo scoring.

Marble Toss 03 Final.png

There are 5 prizes to be won, rewarded based on your final score. andy squirrel

  • 1-star Bluefish
  • 3-star apple pie
  • 4-star tin sword
  • 5-star Nightberry Jam