Tin Ore

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Tin Ore
All mine.
1 1
2 1
3 2
4 2
5 3


All mine.

Quality Conditions

  • Have you tried a Craftsman level Pickaxe for Tin Ore? No? Do it then!
  • Turn that lamp off when mining Tin! Surprise equates to quality!
  • If your smithing rep level is 1, then Tin is better. I read that on the back of an old scrap of paper I was using for toilet roll.
  • Smell good when mining Tin, and Tin is sure to like you. The ramblings of drunkards.



Tin SwordFor tin soldiers. Strong vs Hobs, Nobs & Lobs.
Tin HammerFor hammering paper.
Tin JewelleryCheapskate.
Tin DecorativeOooh a shiny tin star!
Tin WardHob, Nob, Lob damage reduced.
Tin UtensilsOpen a can of worms.
Tin SickleUsed by cereal killers.
Tin ShovelDoes what it says on the shovel.
Tin BucketFor carrying liquids...the drinkable variety.
Tin CharmSTRENGTH up vs Hobs, Nobs, Lobs.