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  • You can collect milk from your cow by using a metal bucket when close beside it.
  • You can toggle Always Run in the Options menu. If you get stuck in the environs, there is an Unstick button in the Options menu.
  • Do not forget to pick up your task money from beside your bed each day.
  • There is a lantern on your house table. Many people miss it!You can get a fishing rod if you go north from the farm.
  • Try to land the hook on the fish shadows...don't wait for ages for the fish to come to you. You can only fish where you see fish shadows. We have seen players try fish anywhere there is water.
  • You can sell items in the shops at the cupboard at the back wall, and at the festival greens where there is a market stall that can be interacted with.
  • Clicking in the left stick (F1 on kb) will send out a trail (the Thatterway) that tells you the direction of the exit to the region you need to be in for the task or will guide you to some destinations within a level.
  • Always check your calendar.
  • You can use Goddess Statues for fast travel, and to worship once a week on Goddess Day.
  • You do not need to return home each night...and after the Prologue, you do not fall asleep at 11am at all.
  • When running a shop, make sure you check the set hours and who is staffing what part and when.
  • You can order ore you have unlocked in the Blacksmiths stock cupboard, to save going out to get it.
  • Each Haven has different likes when it comes to buying goods.
  • You can date and get married. Go to Loverwood to read up on how marriage works work.
  • Use the radial menus if using a pad...you will barely need to go into the inventory. Hold down X Y or B and use the stick up and down to change categories...left and right to cycle through).
  • You can put an item you are carrying out of hand by tapping its assigned button or key again.
  • The tin bucket is in the Goods Store, not the Blacksmiths!
  • Don't forget to check the village noticeboard.
  • Talk to every NPC and try fill out their info.
  • There is a local as well as a world map...find the mapstones to collect local maps.
  • Read everything! Some proverbs unlock Traits, so try find them all (some are well hidden).
  • Explore everywhere and don't panic about time...you will get more efficient and there are ways to get around much faster.
  • Don't forget you can leave the Vale and reuse henges after the Prologue!
  • You can level up certain tools to increase their effectiveness, by successful usage.
  • You can have nookie by gifting your spouse a rabbit corndoll, bought in Mellowbrook store.
  • You can send your spouse and family to gather items...use the Scheduler sideboard in your home.
  • Prep for combat if you can. You keep loot if you retreat after a room, and dying still gives you some loot you gained.
  • Rescue missions and Elites are always in the last room of a combat zone. It doesn't matter which depth, so that's just up to you what star-rating loot you want.
  • The deeper you go into a combat forest, the higher star-rating loot you get.
  • Check the Progress screen! There's an icon bottom left, or press Back on pad or pause the game and choose the Progress Option.
  • There is a How to Play on Options Menu with more tips.Use the link to the Wiki if needing help.
  • Lastly, enjoy!