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The calendar lets you check the season, day and details of all the birthdays and events you've discovered.

When a Birthday event is selected, it also shows you the known liked and disliked gifts for that person.

Season Tabs

Calendar Seasons.png

The seasons tabs from top to bottom are:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Winter

To change the selected season tab:

  • Mouse: Click on the season tab
  • Gamepad: Press left trigger to go up and right trigger to go down


Calendar Days.png

At the top of this section is the current date (Today is 1st Summer).

Below the current date you can select a day for the selected season to see all the events you've discovered on that day. The stars below each day represent events you've discovered on that day.

To change the selected day:

  • Mouse: Click on the day
  • Keyboard: Left and right arrow keys
  • Gamepad: Left and right on the left thumbstick


Calendar Events.png

This shows a list of the events you've discovered for the selected season on the selected day. Select one of these events to see more detailed information.

To change the selected day:

  • Mouse: Click on the event
  • Keyboard: Up and down arrow keys
  • Gamepad: Up and down on the left thumbstick

Event Details

Calendar EventDetails.png

This shows detailed information for your currently selected event.