Goddess Statues

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Goddess Statue 01 Final.png
Goddess Statue 02 Final.png


Goddess statues can be discovered all about Quill. Once discovered its central symbol lights up and becomes usable for both fast travel and for making weekly offerings

Goddess Statue 03 Final.png

Interacting with the statues brings up two options


Fast travel between discovered statues


Make an offering or view your currently active boons and curses

Fast Travel

Goddess Statue 04 Final.png

Opening the fast travel option brings you to the world map. From here you can select a new location to travel to for the cost of 1 apple.


Locations where the player has discovered a usable goddess statue have their text highlighted in white. Selecting one of these options would allow you to instantly travel to the new location.


Locations that have been visited but have no usuable goddess statue have grey text. You will not be able to fast travel to these location via goddess statues. Other methods are available.


Goddess Statue 05 Final.png

On Goddess Day (7 & 14) the eyes on the statue will light up and the mouth opens. This indicates that the statue is ready for an offering.

Goddess Statue 06 Final.png

When opening the offering menu you must select which one of the pairs of goddess to offer an item too first.

Cycling verticall through the symbols on either side of the screen will rotate through each pair, highlighting the corresponding bowl at the same time.

Goddess Statue 07 Final.png


Once a selection has been made you can cycle horizontally though the available boons. The left set of symbols corresponds to one of the goddess and the right set corresponds to the other goddess in the pair.

Moving the selection to the left lights up the boons for the left goddess. At the same time the right goddess mirrors the selection by displaying its curse. The start rating above each symbol indicates the strength of the boon/curse and the quality of the item that must be offered to unlock it.

Its not possible to please both goddess at the same time, you must pick one over the other and suffer the curse along side the boon.


The cards below give a more detailed description of both the boon and curse that is currently selected.

Goddess Statue 08 Final.png

Moving the selection to the right reverses the boons and curses. You are now making a favourable offering to the opposite godess on the right hand side, whilst simultaneously angering the left.

Goddess Statue 09 Final.png

Once a boon is selected you'll be taken to a filtered version of you inventory, displaying only the items that the current goddess finds appealing at the quality thats necessary for the chosen boon.

If you don't have an items that fit this criteria, then you won't be able to make an offering at that spot.

Goddess Statue 10 Final.png

Once you have made an offering the item appears in the bowl and the symbols light up. Upon confirmation, these choices will be locked in for the week.

Goddess Statue 11 Final.png

After the confirmation has been made, a final screen will display each of the boon and curse pairings that you'll have active for the coming week

Goddess Statue 11 Final.png

The statues chest will now light up to indicate that a offering has been made this week. The effects of these boons and curses will last all week, until the next goddess day, when everything is reset and you can make a new set of offerings.

You don't have to make an offering in every bowl but failing to make any offering will result in you being assigned a single curse to last for the week. If you repeat your mistake the following week another curse will be added to that total. This will continue until an offering is made.