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The family ledger lets you manage the tasks of your family and stay up to date on their progress, on the family ledger screen you can:

  • Check the daily routine of your spouse and children.
  • Keep track of weekly XP gains
  • Send family members out gathering

Daily Routine

From the daily routine screen the player can set the schedule for the entire family. Making sure they have a good balance between work and relaxation.

Family Ledger 02 Final.png


Tab between different family members to see their unique schedule.


Select a task from the box below, then drag and drop it onto the scheduler to change the weekly schedule.


Some tasks are considered beneficial, raising Mood and Energy. Other tasks drain Mood and Energy but provide resources for the farm. Be sure to check the scroll bar at the bottom of the screen to give a more detailed run down of the affects of each task.


If a task is greyed out its because that particular person can't perform that task as some tasks are specific to children.


Takes you to a detailed breakdown of how each task will affect your spouse or childs mood.

Family Ledger 03 Final.png

Some tasks are broken down even further into subcategories. After selecting the initial task you may be asked to give more specific instructions.

Once thats done, you can drag and drop as usual.

Family Ledger 04 Final.png

XP Gains

The XP Gains screen gives details on the amount of experience you children will earn over the course of the week.

Family Ledger 05 Final.png

This number is a weekly estimate based on the tasks you curretly have assigned to your child and it is assumed all tasks would be completed. Changing assigned tasks would cause this number to be recalculated.

Most tasks provide children with some experience progression to a particular stat. Read the information provide with each task to get a clear idea of where to focus your attention if you wish to increase a specific stat. Fill the experience bar to rank up and gain a new stat point.


The final tab takes you to the gathering screen. Sending your spouse or child out gathering will override the tasks they have been assigned for the day, until they return.

Family Ledger 06 Final.png


Set the destination. The destination you pick will determin the of items your spouse or child will return with. Each Haven has its own loot pool. Younger children are locked out of combat locations.

Family Ledger 07 Final.png


As they go gathering they'll gain experience in each location. Increasing experience increases the chances of them returning with higher quality items. At low levels, the maximum quality of a gathered item is capped.


Keep an eye on their stats before you send someone gathering, particually if you're sending them into a combat zone. Higher stats will have an impact on the amount and rarity of the items gathered, or the monsters they're able to overcome.


Altering the loadout can be used to tailor the sort of items you wish to gather. For example, sending someone with a sickle means they're much more likely to gather crops. If they're heading into combat then they will at least need a sword.

Meals are eaten whilst out on a gathering mission, boosting stats.


Once they're ready to go, click the begin gathering button to send them on their way.

Each spouse and child has a backpack hanging the Family Ledger cloakroom.

  • When someone leaves to go gathering, the backpack will be removed and replaced with a red flag.
  • Once they return, their loot filled backpack will be left on the floor.
  • Interact with the Family Ledger to claim those rewards.

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