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After finishing the prologue Pott will gift you the Reputation Urn

Reputation can be earnt from various

  • Raising friendship tiers
  • Slaying monsters
  • Completing tasks
  • Winning certain events
  • Owning a business and getting positive customer feedback

You can view your reputation progress by selecting player progress from the main menu.

Reputation 01 Final.png
Reputation 02 Final.png

Shop Reputation

Reputation, along with Brass, is one of the primary outputs of running a shop. Whilst all reputation gains are added to your Reputation Urn, the shop ledger will also tracks reputation gains earnt exclusively from the shop. As this is different to your overall reputation gains.

Ledger 05 Final.png

The more your customers appreciate your service the higher your shop reputation will grow. The higher the reputation you gain, the further afield you'll attract customers from. Ranking up your shop reputation also rewards you with perk points to spend on shop upgrades. Over time it also dictates the complexity of customer requests. Running a shop starts of relatively straight forward but then evolves to be more complex over time.

You will gain reputation when a customer is pleased with service and price. How this works is different for each shop type.

Goods Store

Reputation in the goods store is based almost entirely on item price.

  • Set the price high and you might make more money but your reputation will remain low.
  • Set the price low and you'll recieve more reputation at the expense of less profit.

Keep an eye on the brass customers are willing to pay for each item and set your prices accordingly.

Being slow to serve a customer can also generate a drop in reputation.


As prices are fixed in the blacksmith, reputation is gained on the quality of the final product.

The higher the quality the more pleased a customer is with their purchase.

Reputation can drop by being slow to serve a customer but will drop significantly if an order isn't ready to collect when a customer returns.


Similar to the blacksmith, prices at the apothecary are fixed. Reputation gained on the accuracy of a cure.

Patients come in with ailments with multiple symptoms, the more of those symptoms you can counter with a single cure the better. The biggest reputation gains are made on perfect cures. Cures that cover all ailments and have no lingering side effects.


As your Reputation Urn fills up it will eventually cap.

The player should visit the Grand Masters at The Circle before that point to cash in their reputation for Renown levels.

Your renown level is what pushes the story along. Each new level reached unlocks some story exposition from the Grand Masters, a new item and unlocks a unique quest related to the ongoing narrative.