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With enough brass the blacksmith can be purchased by interacting with the ledger sitting on the shop counter.

Once purchased the previous owner will leave, gifting you any items that were in stock at the time.

Interact with the sign outside to open and close your store. The store will automatically close if you leave the region and have no woker employed


There are multiple types of ore you can mine. Use these combined with a mould to create your works.

Customers will come into your shop and either ask for something off your shelves or request orders.

Some customers are more patient than others, so if you need more time, just yell at them from the forge...they will understand.

When you finish crafting an item, you can send it to the shelf or your order cabinet.

It is recommended that 2 people run a for the shop and one for the forge.

Ledger 01a Final.png


The ledger on your counter has tabs with various helpful pages for running your business


Ledger 10a Final.png

See what time cutomers are coming in to pick up their orders and which orders you have lined up for the rest of the week


Ledger 02a Final.png

Check you profit and loss on a weekly/yearly level, and look at your previous transaction and Rep gains


Ledger 03a Final.png

You can hire workers from here. You can change their pay and see their stamina.

To regain stamina, give them breaks or gift them food. A tired worker has their stats affected.

You can also see a worker's happiness level. Pay and stamina can affect this, as well as friendship level.

An unhappy worker is more discourteous to customers, affecting service reputation and will not gain exp.

This page also allows you to fire an employee.


Ledger 04a Final.png

The employees' hours may be set here, and who works on which day. You may also set who works at which department... counter or forge.


Ledger 05a Final.png

You will gain reputation when a customer is pleased with service.

This fills in for the current region you are in and will give you a perk point when full.

Any further reputation will keep adding up and will spill into the next region. This means that customers will start to appear from that region as they have heard about your shop.

Once that region's Rep has been filled, you again get a perk point, and the Rep spills into the next region.

Ledger 06a Final.png

Any perk points gained can be spent on perks within the ledger. Every perk comes with a small description and many have multiple stages to upgrade.

Your earned shop Rep adds onto your Grandmaster total, building up your Renown levels.


Ledger 07 Final.png
Ledger 08a Final.png

Once you have unlocked them with the Tinker in Tir Na Nog, you can specialise your shop which brings new perks. This page lets you view and unlock those perks.


Ledger 09a Final.png

Each NPC has 10 stats, and 4 of these come into play when working in the blacksmith.

  • Accuracy: (Forge only) the quality of work
  • Charm: Offsets and negative Rep from slow service or overpricing
  • Speed: Affects the speed of service. Customer's have a limited patience so the quicker you serve, the better
  • Stamina: How long they can work before tiredness affects their other stats.
  • Strength: (Forge only) the quality of work

The worker stats are affected by age but additionally gain experience to level up the stats used in their current job.

Certain recipes and items may also increase (or decrease) the worker's stats.


Prices in the smithy are non-negotiable. You will be paid the going rate for each item based on type and quality.

Blacksmith 03a Final.png

Stock & Storage

Blacksmith 04a Final.png

The large shelving unit in your smithy is used for holding orders, displaying stock and ordering more materials.

You can move items around and make sure you keep the ore supplies high for your workers to use.


Along the top of the stock cupboard are the various categories you can tab through. Each category holds item for a different use, shelf, Orders, and materials.

To change tabs:

  • Mouse: Click on the tab
  • Keyboard: Use the tab keys
  • Gamepad: Left and right bumper


Your storage space is limited for each of the categories. Once its full you can't add any more items to that section of the stock cupboard.

To add items to the stock cupboard:

  • Mouse: Left click to move one item. Right click to move a stack
  • Keyboard: E key to move one item
  • Gamepad: A button to move one item. X button to move a stack


If you're short on stock you can order more.

Blacksmith 05a Final.png

Pick what items you wish to order from the list and wait until the delivery day. The items will be dropped off into storage.

Blacksmith 06a Final.png

The more expensive the box you order, the higher the quality of the items inside.