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Renown 01 Final.png

After visiting the Grand Masters at The Circle your Reputation Urn is given more purpose.

A full Reputation Urn can be traded for one Renowned Tier.

Renown Tiers

Renown 03 Final.png

Each new tier reached unlocks some story exposition from the Grand Masters, a unique item and a new quest related to the ongoing narrative. Every subsequent tier will take more reputation to fill the Reputation Urn before it can be traded in again.

Renown 02 Final.png

Opening the Player Progress menu allows you to track...


Your current reputation progress.


Your current renown tier.


The Grand Master items you've unlocked

Renown Rewards

Renown Tier Tier Title Gift Story Event Story Event
Tier 1 Neophyte Friendship Ring N/A
Tier 2 Novice Torc of Return Murder Most Fowl
Tier 3 Apprentice Fae Markets Token The Venomous Hag
Tier 4 Journeyman Rainstick The Unwell
Tier 5 Craftsman Deep Mine Key Encounter
Tier 6 Artisan Blizzard Staff ???
Tier 7 Adept Music Box Relative Mystery
Tier 8 Expert Lightning Rod Witch Switch
Tier 9 Master Voide Lens The Wyrm
Tier 10 Legend Vorpal Sword Mould A Real Mouthful