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The Player will pass on at age 50 as part of the Kynseed contract (or earlier, if they choose to do so). When this happens Fairweather will come to claim them, with control swapping to one of your eligible heirs.

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As the player ages, so will the NPCs in the game. Families grow old, children become adults and parents pass away. Over time these families are replaced with their ancestors or visitors to Quill who decide to move in. providing a constant flow of new faces to meet.

Player Death

Whilst the player has a clear idea of when their time will be up, the player may also die suddenly and unexpectedly from other means. In these instances Fairweather will revive you, in exchange for one year of life tax. Which Fairweather will claim at the end of the year. The more life tax you pay, the more years are removed from your 50 year life span.

Combat Deaths

Being knocked down in combat uses up a a single ‘chance’. When all your chances are used up, your character is killed and one year of life tax is taken to revive you.

Each of the combat locations allow for a different number of chances before you succumb to death.

  • Simplewood grants 5 chances
  • Midwood 3
  • Toughwood grants only 1 chance

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Daddy Long Legs

Being caught by Daddy Long Legs in Dreadwaters is an instant death, costing you one year of life tax for a revival.


As with the Wyrm. Being eaten is an instant death, costing you one year of life tax for a revival.

Non-death Encounters

Some encounters are more forgiving and the player won't incur any life tax costs.


When chased and captured by Knockers in the mines, they will not kill you. Instead, they just evict you from the mine at no life cost.

Tickling Tom Hookfingers

Tickling Tom Hookfingers does not kill. Instead steals some items from your inventory and runs off with them. Hit him with your slingshot to get them back.

NPC Death

NPCs will only die of old age or as a sacrificial tribute at the Summertide festival.

Each of the original characters have a predetermined ‘death age’ and they will pass on when they reach that date. Generated NPCs have a death age that is randomly set upon creation.

Black Barrag

As an NPCs death age approaches the large black dog of death, The Black Barrag, will sit outside their house for 1 week before their death as a warning. Be sure to finish up any active tasks and stories relating to that NPC before they pass on.

Immune NPCs

Some NPCs do not age or pass away, as they're protected by Fae magic. These include all

  • Masters
  • Traders
  • Events Organiser
  • Witchhunter
  • High Priest
  • Certain other NPCs.

Player Generations

Once the player is married they can attempt to have a child using the Wheel of Delight. If a player has no spouse or struggles to make a baby with their partner, they can adopt from The Shoe.

A player can only have 3 children max.

When the player character passes away you can choose to continue the game as one of your heirs. Whilst the remaining family will move away, leaving the farm to the chosen heir.

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Babies will grow into children at 5 years old and children will turn into adults at 18 years of age.

As your children grow older you will be able to assign them new roles around the farm to aid in their development. Use the Family Scheduler to set their schedule alongside their siblings and your spouse.

Traits & Stats

Babies are born with 3 Traits, either assigned randomly when put up for adoption or gained from a combination of their parents traits on birth. When you take control of one of your children these traits will be retained, potentially to pass on to future generations

Any stats your children gain from learning whilst in your care are kept when control passes on to you, thus making you more powerful with each generation.

NPC Generations

Each year single NPCs have a chance to marry other NPCs and move into their home.

Over time a married pair of NPCs could produce a baby of their own. NPC babies and children grow at the same rate as the player’s children, also sharing traits with their parents.

Children will eventually grow to replace their parents as they grow old and die

Roles & Personalities

Each new NPCs is assigned a role when they come of age or move into an empty home from outside Quill. Roles are dependant on the house/location they live in. Homemaker, worker, farmer etc.

NPCs are also assigned a personality from a selection of six.

  • Neutral
  • Quirky
  • Complainer
  • Jovial
  • Pious
  • Boastful.

Each one altering their spoken dialogue and affecting the types of tasks that they might ask of you.

Check the NPC Status screen for more information on any NPCs you have met.

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NPC Stories

As you gain Friendship levels with an NPC, you will get some flavour text about them. They will start to tell you about themseves, along with some background or little story personal to them. At Love level, you are given a task to complete before the NPC will love you. Completion of this task will round off their story.

As there so many NPC and their may be some time between one story beat and the next, you can open up the player status screen and select Chat History to view any past conversations.

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The original set of NPCs all have premade bespoke stories for you to work your way through. Any generated or born NPCs will have a random story assigned to them, from a wealth of possible options.