Wheel of Delight

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Once married you can gift your spouse a Rabbit Corndoll to trigger the Wheel of Delight and spin for the chance of a baby, among other things.

Activating the Wheel

Once you trigger the Wheel of Delight you start a wheel of fortune style mini game to decide the outcome. The arrow will spin and you must stop it in the segment most desirable to you.

Rating Outcome
Rotton Turnip Friendship Down a lot
Wilting Rose Friendship Down
Sleeping Dragon Friendship Down a little
Run of the Mill No Change to Friendship
Smoking Chimney Friendship Up a little
Erupting Volcano Friendship Up
Stork Friendship Up a lot + A Baby
2 Storks Friendship Up a lot + 2 Babies

The combined Virility stat of yourself and your partner can increase or decrease the size of each segments, increasing the chances of landing on a more desired outcome when you have a higher combined virility. Virility is a rating that can be enhanced by eating certain foods, boons and items.

Wheel 01 Final.png
Wheel 02 Final.png

Most outcomes will end with either an increase or decrease in your friendship but on occasion, you will conceive.

Having a Baby

Wheel 03 Final.png

Once a baby is conceive it will eventually arrive by stork outside the family home.

Interact with the stork to recevie the baby. You're then allowed to rename them before welcoming them into the family. If you're not around to receive the baby on time, Pott will lake the child in and tend to them until you return.

Wheel 04 Final.png