Patrolling Creatures

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Patrolling Creatures are unique creatures that the player may run into over the course of the game. Each of which interact with the player in different ways

Patrolling Creatures don’t happen completely at random, instead they occur under strict conditions.

Patrolling 01 Final.png

Fred Barleycorn

Fred is present within Festfield all year round but will remain stationary and non-interactable until his Event starts.

On the 4th day of summer Fred Barleycorn will spring to life and perform laps around Festfield before heading on to other locations around Summerdown.

As he hops about the Haven, he'll drop Candy Hare and Candy Squirrel, but hitting Fred with a slingshot causes him to fling out an assortment of items. Although this will cause him to run off at a much faster pace. Making it harder to follow him.

Patrolling 02 Final.png

Tickling Tom Hookfingers

Tom is a creepy masked man that skips through the various Havens of Quill, disrupting the players items and being a nuisance to the NPCs. His arrival is announced via fog and the jingle of bells.

Tom is active in autumn but only in Mellowfields. Once active Tom will attempt to track the player, grabbing them and shaking items out of their inventory if caught. He’ll also harass any NPC he comes across, inflicting multiple negative traits.

Patrolling 03 Final.png

Daddy Long Legs

Daddy Long Legs is a spider-like creature that stalks the Dreadwaters at night.

If the player strays into Dreadwater the Daddy Long Legs will hunt them down and try and capture them. Getting caught has the player whisked away costing them a year of their life to be revived.

Patrolling 04 Final.png


The Wyrm is a giant worm-like creature that burrows and moves through the deep mines. It's uninterested in the player's presence so won’t actively go after them, but it also won’t stop if the player is in the way.

Getting caught up in the path of the Wyrm costs the player a year of their life to be revived.

Throw Lambton Pie into its path to have them scooped up and pooped out as valuable Abysstone_Ore.