Jogon Tutorial

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Melee Tutorial 01 Final.png

After you leave the Vale, head directly north to the top of Rivermoor to find the entrance to Simplewood. Here you will find Jogon.

He will ask you to get a sword and meet him in the barrow slightly south and west of his position. Look for a large stone mound with a door.

Melee Tutorial 02 Final.png


Simplewood entrance


Barrow entrance

Melee Tutorial

You can get a sword from Poppyhill blacksmiths or craft / win your own.

Melee Tutorial 03 Final.png

Once you enter the barrow Jogon will take you through the tutorial for basic combat. How too...

  • Move
  • Attack
  • Avoid Node Obstacles
  • Use items
  • Block
  • Parry & Counter

Melee Tutorial 04 Final.png

After the tutorial, Jogon will return to his home in East Rivermoor.