Moon Tutorial

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Ranged Tutorial 01 Final.png

Make your way to Summerdown after leaving the Vale by traveling east out of Rivermoor. After you find the main village at Poppyhill, head north through Naida's Glory to Drownhill. Where you will find Moon north of the map, in a large tent by the river.

She will ask you to hit a target on a small island directly south east from her tent. Use a Slingshot to hit the target and return to Moon.

Ranged Tutorial 02 Final.png

She will then give you the bow and ask to meet in the barrow north west from her tent. Head back down the hill, west along the cliff edge and then north to get around the river.

Ranged Tutorial 03 Final.png


Moon's Tent




Barrow entrance

Melee Tutorial

Ranged Tutorial 04 Final.png

Once you enter the barrow Moon will take you through the tutorial for ranged combat. Explaining how to shoot arrows, using them to stun and disrupt enemy attacks.

Ranged Tutorial 05 Final.png

After the tutorial, Moon will return to her tent in north Drownhill.