Rootway Door

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Rootway Door 01 Final.png
Rootway Door 02 Final.png


Rootway Doors are only accessible after purchasing the Wooden Key from Fairweather.

As you approach these doorways, they glow and open up. Allowing the player to step inside and travel to other Rootway Doors.

Fast Travel

Rootway Door 03 Final.png

Opening the fast travel option brings you to the world map. From here you can select a new location to travel to for no cost.


Locations that the player has visited and has a Rootway Door will have their text highlighted in white. Selecting one of these options would allow you to instantly travel to the new location.


Locations that haven't been visited or don't have a Rootway Door will have grey text. You will not be able to fast travel to these location via Rootway Doors. Other methods are available.