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You can trade years of your life to Mr. Fairweather in exchange for powerful and unique items that will stay with your family through the generations.

Faitweather Items 01 Final.png

Name Description
Clockwork ClockTime to upgrade from dandelions with this mechanical timepiece.
Glutton's TroughStock it with food to feed your animals automatically with this elegant trough.
Wooden KeySecret Fae pathways are yours to use with this marvellous, mystical key.
Waterman's ReminderGot mail? Forgetting events? This excellent item is what you need!
TURDISTravel instantly through the plumbing of the Haven with this Outhouse special. Hold your nose.
Judith's Charming CharmReduce the impact of bad loving with this charmingly charming charm.
Hiya's Synthetic BucketKeep up appearances with this bucket that holds 4x the amount of fragrant fertiliser.
Professor BugpassA beautifully carved wooden owl sits in your inventory and increases family study XP gain.
Divine DivinerFind digspots by carrying a shovel. You will receive a ping as you get closer!
Wuther RingMake it windy weather with this ornate ring.
Fog HornPlay misty for me. Toot this curious horn to make it foggy.
CalmonicaWeather too rough? Calm it with this peaceful instrument.
SnowglobeWhat an atmos sphere! Create some snow with this charming snowglobe.
Vase of ForgivenessYour spouse will never hate you with this beautiful vase on your table.
Machine ToolIndustry at work. Doubles the yield when crafting at the blacksmith.
Chemistry SetTest those tubes! Doubles the yield when crafting at the apothecary.
Inspecting GadgetShow this strange device items to identify their traits.
Waste-NotYum Yum. Double the yield when crafting any cooked food.
TerrariumConvenience on the go with this portable garden.
Seed ReplicatronFeed this clever machine rotten apples to produce random seeds.
Mirror MirrorUse this marvellous mirror daily to increase your virility.
Home Sweet HomeThere's no place like home. Especially if you can teleport there.
Forget-Me-Yet SeedsGrow a wondrous flower that, when gifted, will reset an opinion of you, good or bad!