Abysstone Ore

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Abysstone Ore
Mined over matter.
1 3
2 5
3 7
4 8
5 10


Mined over matter.

Quality Conditions

  • The legend says that the Wyrm snacked on a food, and that the better the quality of that food, the better the ore it pooped out. Children's books really need sorting out!


Abysstone SwordA dark in the stab. Strong vs Greater Nobs.
Abysstone HammerSome proper clobber.
Abysstone CharmDeeply appealing. Debuff time reduced.
Abysstone JewelleryFor the life of your love.
Abysstone DecorativeBasically, hanging Wyrm poo on your door.
Abysstone WardWard you believe how tough it is. Reduce Jabberwock poison effect.
Abysstone UtensilsCuts even my cooking in two.
Abysstone SickleThe deepest cut is the darkest.
Abysstone ShovelSunder land til I die.
Abysstone BucketHaul for one and one for haul.
Vorpal SwordEdgy. The only weapon that can hurt a Jabberwock.