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The Fae are supernatural beings that are formed from a mythological background. They inhabit the spaces between worlds and have a deep connection with nature.


Wee folk of Tir Na Nog. Love baked goods.

Gnome 01 Final.png


Fluttery friendly folk of Tir Na Nog. Love shopping.

Fairy 01 Final.png


Mellow bush ladies of Evergreen.

Dryads 01 Final.png


Laid-back man-foliage-things of Evergreen.

Mossman 01 Final.png


Shapeshifters and tricksters of Briar. Mr Fairweather is a Fel Fae.

Fel 01 Final.png


Parasitic alien brains that inhabit the suits of a dead alien civilsation. They like quality goods and are actually decently-mannered if a bit elitist.

Empyrii 01 Final.png


A helpful Fairy that lives in your hair and can guide you to task destinations by setting the Thatterway active in the Journal, then clicking Left Stick or F1 to send it sparkly off the way you need to go.

Thatterway 01 Final.png


A helpful but mildly annoying Fairy that hovers over interactive elements until you interact with the object.

Wottyzit 01 Final.png


Tiny Fairy that lights all lamps and candles around the world. Can't be caught in jars!

Lamplyter 01 Final.png

Petyr Piper the Puck

Evergreen shopkeeper that has way too many Narnia references.

Petyr Piper the Puck 01 Final.png

Pixie Lottery

Runs the Goods Store in Tir Na Nog.

Pixie Lottery 01 Final.png

The Tinker

His shop in Tir Na Nog allows you to buy and apply shop specialisations.

The Tinker 01 Final.png