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An NPC must be in Love with you before you can begin the process of marriage.

On the 7th or 14th day of the season go to loverwood, over to the left of the High Priest you will find a White Rose.

Marriage 01 Final.png

The Proposal

Gift the White Rose to your loved one. After your initial marriage proposal the Road to Marriage task will begin. Wait for the following day for next steps.

The task will update, asking you to take your partner to visit a place. Go find them and ask them to follow you. They will then pick a date spot for you to visit. Take then there.

You will then be given a selection of tasks to accomplish to prove your love. You tasks will update each day, one task per day, starting the following day. Complete the ritual by accomplishing them all...

Marriage 02 Final.png

The Wedding

Upon receiving the Binding Band, your partner will accept your proposal, bringing up the wedding planner.

Marriage 03 Final.png

Choose the wedding date. Make sure not to pick a date that clashes with anything else you have planned.

To start the ceremony turn up on the day, anytime before the start time. Head to the gazebo in Loverwood and interact with the High Priest to start the ceremony.

Marriage 04 Final.png

During the ceremony, a spirit will enter you both and raise a stat at random, for as long as you both remain married.

Marriage 05 Final.png

After the ceremony, your spouse will be at your family home on the farm.


If at any point you wish to break it off with your current spouse. Simply return to the High Priest and pay a fee of 500 brass.

Your ex-partner will then leave your home and you'll be free to marry someone else if you wish.

Marriage 06 Final.png