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There are a number of non-romancable and non-aging NPCs that you can find on your travels.

Many of them provide a service to the player but others are simple folk who want nothing more than to visit shops and purchase items.


These fellas and their giant boars can be found in multiple locations, at least two in each of the havens. These traders are active on different days so be sure to keen an eye on your calander.

Traders that sell combat-only items can be found near the entrances to the combat zones, where as the traders who sell more homely goods can be found nearer the local village.

Trader 01 Final.png


These NPCs have no name, they can't be gifted item and have no desire for a full conversation. They wander the land adding colour and life to the villages.

Wanderer 01 Final.png

Master of Events

This jolly chap will present the various competitions throughout the land, such as the Flower Show, Bake-Off and Vegetable Show.

Event Master 01 Final.png

Race Organiser

When the event come around, Wanderes will hosts the animals race. Taking your entry fee and offering rewards on successful wins.

Race Organiser 01 Final.png


When the event come around, Wanderes will hosts the animals auctions. Tracking bids and supplying the livestock.

Auctioneer 01 Final.png

Marble Toss Organiser

Runs the throwing game stand in Festival Green. Beat the highscrore for a chance to win.

Marble Toss Organiser 01 Final.png

Witch Hunter

Present in the Homestead tavern after dark to hand out combat related bounties.

Witch Hunter 01 Final.png

High Priest

Performs the various ritials and ceremonies around Quill. You'll need to talk to him to set yourself on the road to marriage.. or divorce.

Priest 01 Final.png