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To go on a date, an NPC must be friendly with you.

Gift them a Rose of Romance to trigger a 3 stage date.

Date 03 Final.png

The NPC will start a task beginning the following day, at a time they set.

This date can consist of...

  • Taking them to the date location specified
  • Cooking them a meal at the location specified
  • Taking them to the tavern
  • Serenading them
  • Gifting them when asked

Date 01 Final.png

Date Spots

Date Spots are uncovered by exploring the map as an adult. They are then added to the local map as a selectable tab.

Date 02 Final.png

Location Date Spots
Druidas Cross
  • Resting Man
  • Jabber Jaw
Testy Acres
  • Testy Falls
Willowdown Farm
  • Sleepers Jetty
Candlewych Village
  • Stone Blossom
Burial Grounds
  • Pool of Passing
  • Faubter's Slab
  • Memory Cape
Candlewych West
  • Eyre Pond
  • Wildfell Pond
  • Wuthering Pond
  • Dirty Den
Cuckoo Wood
  • Lost Man
  • The Cuttings
  • Cuckoo Tree
  • Apples Crumble
  • Rhubarbs Crumble
  • Blackberries Crumble
  • Wildcat Ruin
  • Forgotten Hole
  • Baker Grove
  • The Watcher
  • The Watched
  • Lover's Laugh
  • Kings Meadow
Naida's Glory
  • Sweetmusic Chin
  • Nookie Nook Nook
Cunning Plots
  • The Herb Garden
  • Nine Ball Pool
  • Goldenfields
  • Glass House
  • Longing Garden
  • Necking Stump
Freyl's Fields
  • Willow End
  • Lonely Oak
  • Dumping Ground
  • Cuddlers Corner
  • Thoughtful Man
  • Old Lady Falls
The Twanging Gardens
  • Poppy Cranny
  • Carrot Top
The Shingles
  • Love Falls
  • Twins
  • Wanted Man
The Circle
  • Rapid Point
  • Secret Corner
  • Rushing Nook
  • Fling Bridge
  • Hug Wall
  • Twisted Sisters
  • Deepeye Ponds
  • Bridge of Sighs
  • Tree of Memories
  • Kisses Sneak
  • Over the Boardwalk
  • Round Back O Shoppe
  • Three Witches
  • Merry Maypole