Zinc Ore

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Zinc Ore
Bless you!
1 4
2 7
3 9
4 10
5 13


Bless you!

Quality Conditions

  • Zinc Ore plus Craftsman Pickaxe equals quality. That's the sum of that proverb.
  • Darkness falls upon the mine, Only then does the best Zinc shine.
  • A level 3 smithy is the secret to better Zinc, so I was told by a drunk miner.
  • Zinc stinks, and so should you should you want to up its quality!



Zinc SwordBetter than paper swords. Strong vs Nymphs.
Zinc HammerSounds like a German synth composer.
Zinc JewelleryYou shouldn't have.
Zinc DecorativeZinc in the pink.
Zinc WardNymph Blob Node effect fail chance.
Zinc UtensilsWash them in the zinc.
Zinc SickleCome a cropper.
Zinc ShovelI dig it.
Zinc BucketYou can't handle the truth.
Zinc CharmSPEED up.