Wishing Well

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The Wishing Well is found in all combat zones. Make a donation for a chance at a unique buff.

Combat Room 03 Final.png

How to Clear

The higher the donation, the better chance you have of a higher tier buff.

Name Description
Slight Heal This prize is appealing; it’s extra healing!
Flame Phial Heat things up with this handy flame phial
Healing Cream This prize is appealing; it’s extra healing!
Toughness Powder This prize is not for softies. It’s toughness powder!
Stink Bomb Create a stink with this crazy gas bottle
Trigger Rain It never rains, but it pours, they say!
Restock Arrows: Make a point to your enemies with this restock of arrows
Intelligence Up The smart money is on this prize. Intelligence stat raised for this run!
Constitution Up Here’s a solution...temporary raised constitution!
Temporary Shield The next hit won’t hurt with this wondrous shield
Double Damage DOUBLE DAMAGE ROUND AHEAD! Go kick their bottoms
Stamina Up Give your stamina a boost with this...erm...stamina boost
Accuracy Up This prize is critical! Really, its accuracy stat raised
Bow Level Temporarily Up Your bow is levels better for this run, so have fun!
Strength Up Flex your muscles with this temporary strength stat raise
Stat Up effects Stats are up all over! Enjoy them for the rest of this attempt
Sword Level Temporarily Up Enemies will crumble like cake on this run with this lovely level up
Jackpot You Hit The Jackpot! Beat the Forest to collect your bonanza!