Trait Triggered Events

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Trait Triggered Events are unique occurrences that have an increased chance of triggering the more NPCs are affected by Traits.

Whilst they are mostly generated at random over the course of the year, applying specific traits to NPC in the same Haven significantly increases the chances of one of these Events from triggering.

Trait Trigger 01 Final.png

Lucky Lucky Star

A single shooting star strikes the ground in a flash.

Multiple smaller wispy sparks fly out from the source and wizz around. The player has to decide which ones to chase down, potentially catching more than one before they fade away. Each one becomes a bundle of high quality ore when caught.

There is a small chance of a Lucky Lucky Stars occurring at your current location during Spring evenings/nights.

Every NPC in the Haven with the Blessed Trait increases the chance of Lucky Lucky Stars happening by a small amount.