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Equip on the Combat Loadout screen to alter your attack power and provide additonal bonuses.

Ore Type

The ore type of your sword changes the enemies you can deal bonus damage too

Name Description
Tin Sword For tin soldiers. Strong vs Hobs, Nobs & Lobs.
Zinc Sword Better than paper swords. Strong vs Nymphs.
Copper Sword I thought they used truncheons? Strong vs Banshee & Croakers.
Iron Sword Give it a bash. Strong vs Hags & Remnants.
Luminium Sword A little light decapitating. Strong vs Fachen.
Shadderwryth Sword Edgy. Strong vs Ogyr.
Abysstone Sword A dark in the stab. Strong vs Greater Nobs.
Hyalite Sword Bleeding expensive. No weaknesses vs current monsters.

Legendary Swords


Name Description
Dead Reckoner Ghost head-buster. Undead take 25% more damage.
Fameseeker Enhance your Reputation. Extra REP per kill.
Gale Bulg Blows your node. Attacking a lane with an obstacle clears it with a tornado.
Milligan's Spike A block of hurt. Parrying causes 5 damage to the attacker.
Pinn's Point Critical for Counters. 25% chance that Counters crit.
Vorpal Sword Edgy. The only weapon that can hurt a Jabberwock.

Weapon Leveling

As you use a weapon you gain proficiency with that type of weapon via experience.

Gain enough experince to level up your abilities and gain access to passive bonuses.

weapon Rank Bonus
Neophyte Default
Novice Negligble increase in damage.
Apprentice Small increase in damage.
Journeyman Decent increase in damage.
Craftsman Good increase in damage.
Artisan Great increase in damage.
Adept High increase in damage.
Expert Higher increase in damage.
Master Very High increase in damage.
Legendary Highest increase in damage.