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Star Rating 01 Final.png

Most items have a quality rating of 1-5, represented by stars above the items icon. The higher the item quality, the better the item:

  • They sell for more
  • Produces better results when used as crafting ingredients
  • Have increased effects
  • Perform better at certain task

Item Gossip

Higher quality crafted items are created by perfoming well at the crafting mini games whilst using high quality ingredients. To discover higher quality ingredients you'll need to pay attention to how you harvest them.

Each item has a set of criteria that can be followed to increase the quality of the item. Through observations you can work out what situations yield the best results but to be sure you can ask the locals.

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When gifting an item to an NPC they will occasionally offer gossip relating to item quality. This information is then stored under the proverbs tab of your inventory for future reference.

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Additonal factors can play into your item quality, such as boons and perks