Squeal or No Squeal

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Squeal or No Squeal 01 Final.png

Squeal or No Squeal is located at the far eastern side of Tir Na Nog. Hidden away nearby the pink lake. Cost is 10 Brass per go, but the first one is free.

How to Play

Squeal or No Squeal 02 Final.png

Each pig balloon has an item inside. Pop the balloons one by one to narrow down your search.

  • Any item that is revealed is lost.
  • The last balloon is the prize you get.
  • Every few turns you will be offered prizes equal to the average value of the remaining prizes.
  • Accept the prize and walk away with something.
  • Or risk popping more balloons to claim the top prize.
  • Aim to remove the cheaper items so you're left with the expensive ones. This will result in a better deal when the offer is made

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