Quill Wide Events

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Most events in Kynseed are unique and isolated to discreet locations but then there are Quill wide events, whos impact can be felt across all Havens.

Quill Wide 01 Final.png

Blood Moon

Once every 3 weeks there will be a blood moon, lighting the night sky with a deep red glow. During this period of time enemies become a little tougher and the stamina recharge rate of both the enemies and the player is massively increased. Making combat quicker but brutal.

Enemies killed during a blood moon have their loot drops increased.

Quill Wide 02 Final.png


Once every 5 weeks there will be an eclipse, the sky will turn dark and magical sparkles will fill the air. During this period of time all enemy ranks will be augmented with elite variations. Significantly boosting their stats and danger.

Enemies killed during an eclipse have an increased chance of rare loot dropping.