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Migration events occur at roughly the same time annually and will last a large proportion of the day. There are currently two you can experience.

Migration 01 Final.png

Chicken Migration

This event takes place on the 6th day of spring. It starts at 6am and continues until 8pm.

Hordes of chickens cross the map from FineFayre in Mellowfields to FestField in Summerdown.

Chickens that you encounter during this time will often produce an egg as you walk past. Making it a great opportunity to stock up on eggs for baking.

The chicken migration moves through these locations

Migration 02 Final.png

Spirit Walk

This event takes place on the 8th of winter. It starts at 8pm and continues until 6am the following morning.

A line of ghosts walk north from Burial Grounds in the Vale to The Circle to the north of Quill.

The ghost can only be seen with the obscura. Shine the light directly at the ghost and it may drop a monster part.

The spirit walk moves through these locations