Luminium Ore

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Luminium Ore
Can make things light...literally.
1 4
2 7
3 9
4 10
5 13


Can make things light...literally.

Quality Conditions

  • Legendary Luminium Ore eh? Legendary Pickaxe, innit?
  • What's that old fairy song? Something like 'Lazy Luminium afternoon, I got no mind to worry. Hold my pick and chip away'.
  • Smithy Rep level 8. Now that sounds like a key to better Luminium if I ever heard one!
  • The brave step forth in Tir Na Nogs mines and mine the brightest Luminium.


Tir Na Nog


Luminium SwordA little light decapitating. Strong vs Fachen.
Luminium HammerA little light tap-tap-taperoo.
Luminium JewelleryLight to wear.
Luminium DecorativeLightens the room.
Luminium WardBrighten up! Chance to reduce Fachen damage.
Luminium UtensilsForked lighting.
Luminium SickleA little light cutting.
Luminium ShovelA little light digging.
Luminium BucketThe preference of pale-entologists.
Luminium CharmVisibility up in combat zones. Reduced fog.