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Larder 01 Final.png


The larder initially functions as a storage unit. As progress is made through the game and you gain a family at the farm house, its uses expand:

  • You can store ingredients in the larder for your spouse/family to use in cooking
  • Ingredients are also used to feed pets and livestock
  • If they are hungry and have no recipes they can cook, they will eat raw ingredients stored here
  • Anything they cook and don't eat will be stored here for you to collect

Moving Items

Larder 02 Final.png

After opening the larder you'll be able to see the items you currently have in storage as well as the items in your inventory.


Along the top of the larder are the various categories you can tab through. Each category holds a different type of item, helping to keep your storage organised.

To change tabs:

  • Mouse: Click on the tab
  • Keyboard: Use the tab keys
  • Gamepad: Left and right bumper


Your storage space is limited for each of the categories. Once its full you can't add any more items to that section of the larder.

To add items to the larder:

  • Mouse: Left click to move one item. Right click to move a stack
  • Keyboard: E key to move one item
  • Gamepad: A button to move one item. X button to move a stack