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Kynseed Tree 01 Final.png

The Kynseed Tree is grown when you plant the Kynseed. Each year it grows a little bigger and changes its appearance based on your actions.

After meeting Mr Fairweather for the first time you'll receive the Kynseed. Take it back to the farm and plant it west of the farmhouse, up by the river.


The Tree grows yearly and changes depending on how your game is going.

Kynseed Tree 02 Final.png

The appearance of your Kynseed Tree is affected by the following:

  • A section of trunk is added every 7 years.
  • A section of foliage is added yearly.
  • Your wealth level is shown by the colour of the foliage. Dark green up to golden.
  • As well as other colours for various life milestones
  • Shops owned
  • Combat deaths

Kynseed Nuts

Any children you have are represented as nuts on the tree.

Kynseed Tree 03 Final.png

The child's happiness dictates whether you get a 'good apple' or a 'bad apple'.

  • 'Good apples' grant 1 stat of your choice.
  • 'Bad apples' are useless.

Kynseed Tree 04 Final.png


You can Uproot the tree at any time to pass on to an heir. Interact with the tree and choose Uproot.


There are also 'challenges' to fulfil. Each one rewards a nut for your tree on completion. You can see your progress with them on the bar.

Each generation a set of new challenges are generated for your new heir.

There are 3 nut types that can be awarded.

  • Stat Nut - increase any stat of your choosing
  • Fairweather Token - reduces arcane item cost by 1 year
  • Stamina Nut - adds a ball of Stamina in combat

Three of the six challenges are always the same ongoing challenges.

  • Money earned
  • Reputation gained
  • Relationships made

The other three are selected from a pool of options

  • Monster slayer – a monster type and amount to kill
  • Good lover – amount of volcano wheel of delight results
  • Bad lover – number of wheel of delight worst failures
  • Wedding mad – number of marriages
  • Animal Lover – new pets owned
  • Generous – amount of gifts
  • Gardener – seeds planted
  • Statue smasher – combat room statues smashed
  • ‘Animal’ Race winner – animal type and number of races bet on that are won
  • Fisherman – number of fish caught
  • Grass cutter – amount of non-crop long grass cut down
  • Potion mixer – number of potions mixed
  • Salesman – number of items sold by any means
  • Crafter – number of things crafted in a Smithy
  • Chef – number of recipes made

The nuts can only be retrieved from a completed challenge once the Kynseed is uprooted. Causing the nuts to fall to the ground for collection.

Which means your offspring will reap the benefits of your labours, as your heir will only be able to collect the nuts after uprooting the kynseed to plant their own.