Iron Ore

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Iron Ore
This is ore.
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This is ore.

Quality Conditions

  • Better Iron is mined by Artisans.
  • Hey! Get a pet following you when you mine Iron! Just do it!
  • A voice in a dream told me that a blacksmith at rep level 6 means you can mine better Iron Ore. I should stop eating so much cheese at bedtime.
  • Iron is a grey, dour metal. I reckon it is attracted to depressed feelings.


Iron SwordGive it a bash. Strong vs Hags & Remnants
Iron HammerThumb destroyer.
Iron CharmFor those with iron will. Healing more effective.
Iron JewelleryTough but ugly. Like me.
Iron DecorativeDull.
Iron WardWitch we love to hate. Damages Hags & Remnants when they attack.
Iron UtensilsHandy and hardy.
Iron SickleRevolutionary.
Iron ShovelI really dig it.
Iron BucketHard to handle.