Hyalite Ore

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Hyalite Ore
Tougher than my grandma's chops.
1 5
2 8
3 10
4 12
5 15


Tougher than my grandma's chops.

Quality Conditions

  • A Legendary Pickaxe for a Legendary ore. Hyalite is whispered about by miners and desired by the best smiths.
  • A true Master of Exploration would know how and when to get the best Hyalite.
  • Rep level 10 and Hyalite Ore? I am sure that means something to someone.
  • Only the cursed can mine better Hyalite! Be warned!


Hyalite SwordBleeding expensive. No weaknesses vs current monsters.
Hyalite HammerThe pound for pound champion.
Hyalite CharmHave some self-reflection. Chance for projectiles to bounce off you.
Hyalite JewelleryFor the jet-set.
Hyalite DecorativeDarken your home.
Hyalite WardHeavy metalwear. No current useful effect.
Hyalite UtensilsWith a lifetime guarantee.
Hyalite SickleThat's acute sickle.
Hyalite ShovelNot dirt cheap.
Hyalite BucketHard as a bucket of nails.