Hyalite Ore

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Tougher than my grandma's chops.

1 15
2 21
3 27
4 35
5 41
Star Rating Conditions
A Level 10 Pickaxe for a legendary ore. Hyalite is whispered about by miners and desired by the best smiths.
A true Level 9 (or higher) of Exploration would know how and when to get the best Hyalite.
Rep level 10 and Hyalite Ore? I am sure that means something to someone.
Only the cursed can mine better Hyalite! Be warned!
Hyalite Ore (Location Proverb 1)
In Voide the Hyalite lines the way, On rocks from places far away.


Hyalite SwordBleeding expensive. No weaknesses vs current monsters.
Hyalite HammerThe pound for pound champion.
Hyalite CharmHave some self-reflection. Equip this charm before combat and projectiles may bounce off you.
Hyalite JewelleryFor the jet-set.
Hyalite DecorativeDarken your home.
Hyalite WardHeavy metalwear. No current useful effect.
Hyalite UtensilsWith a lifetime guarantee.
Hyalite SickleThat's acute sickle.
Hyalite ShovelNot dirt cheap.
Hyalite BucketHard as a bucket of nails.