Friendship Dances

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Friendship Dances happen once a year for each Haven. With every dance happening on a different season.

Offer up a gift for one of the dancers for a large increase in friendship.

Dance 01 Final.png

Offering a Gift

Every dance happens on a different day at a different time. Make sure you're at the right place at the right time to take part

Dance Location Date Time
Blossom Dance FineFayre 2nd of Spring 6am - 10am
Maypole Dance FestField 1st of Summer 11am - 3pm
Samain Dance Cuckoo Wood 8th of Autumn 4pm - 8pm
Festival of Fel Dance Greymarket 5th of Winter 8pm - 12am

The dancers will move around a central focal point, dancing in a circle.

To offer your gift, hold it in your hand and throw it into the centre of the ring. If the items is one of the liked preferences of a dancer, they will move inward from the circles edge and accept their gift.

Afterwards you will receive a large boost in Friendship and the dance will disband. With the rest of the dancers also receiveing the Friendly & Positive Traits