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Books in Kynseed cover a wide range of subjects from useful guides to nonsense stories. The majority can be found lying on the ground ready to be picked up.

Activites that have more involved mechanics will most likely have a guide book associated with them, so be sure to look around near by to see if you can find it.

A list of all books in the game can be found Here


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When you pick up a book the title and author are listed on the opening page.

You can flick through the pages of the book to read the contents of the book.

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Many books simply provide background lore and interesting stories about the world of Quill but many more provide valuable instructions on gameplay mechanics and even hints and tips on many of Kynseeds secrets.

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If you wish to reread a book they can be found stored in the Books tab of the inventory, split into three categories:

  • Lore Books
  • Useful Books
  • Nonsense Books