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There are currently 70 Achievements in game, that can be unlocked over the course of several playthroughs.

Some are quick and simple, guiding you along the path to success. Others require a bit more effort and a longer grind to clear.

Achievements 01 Final.png
Name Description
Its Raw Cook your first meal
Hail to the Chef Cook a 5 star meal
Iron Maiden Forge your first item
Hitting the Sweet Spots Forge a 5 star item
Just a Spoonful of Sugar Craft your first cure
George Thinks it's Marvellous Craft your first 5 star cure
Open All Hours Purchase a shop
You're Special Specialise your shop
Perky Blinder Unlock all the perks for a shop
You've Got a Friend In Me Become Friendly with a villager
They Like Me! Encourage a villager to Like you
The NPC Who Loved Me Form a bond of Love with a villager
A Hitch in Time Get married
Kinder Surprise Have a baby / adopt?
Comb Your Heir Pass on the Kynseed
Ooh You Shouldn't Have! Gift a villager one of their liked items
These Are Three of My Favourite Things Gift a villager all of their liked items
Noticeable Progress Perform a favour or notice board task for an NPC
I'll Cry if I Want To Give an NPC a disliked item for their birthday
Picnic in the Woods Clear Simplewood
You're Simply the Best Clear Simplewood after traveling as deep as you can
Hags to the Left of Me, Croakers to the Right Clear Midwood
Stuck in the Middle With You Clear Midwood after traveling as deep as you can
When the Going gets Tough Clear Toughwood
The Tough Get Going Clear Toughwood after traveling as deep as you can
Like A Boss Defeat an elite monster
Cracking Cartography Discover all the map stones at a single location
All Mapped Out Discover all the map stones at every location
A Briar Engagement Travel to Briar
Paradise Found Travel to Tir Na Nog
The Ramble in the Bramble Travel to Evergreen
Vacuum Packed Travel to Voide
Super Casanova Discover all the date spots
Absolute Beginners Learn a skill from a master
Now I am the Master Learn all the skills from a master
Proficiency Cycling Learn all the skills from all the masters
Hare-raising Prices Purchase your first Fairweather item
We've Only Just Begun Complete the Prologue
Didn't Chicken Out Clear the story task Murder Most Fowl
Is the Kid Napping? Clear the story task A Missing Child
Pumped Up Clear the story task The Unwell
A Quick JibberJabber Clear the story task The Encounter
Shame On Me Clear the story task Fool Me Twice
Mysteries in Spades Clear the story task Burying The Past
Three's the Charm Clear the story task Third Time Lucky
Snake Solids Clear the story task Charming The Wrym
O Frabjous Day! Callooh! Callay Clear the story task The Jabberwock
Yay Big Spender Win an auction
Cock-A-Hoop Win the top prize on Marble Toss
Beat the Banker Win one of the top 3 prizes in Squeal or No Squeal
It Was Fete Win a village competition
Play it Backwards Rejuvenate a beloved animal
Pricebusters! Purchase an item from the Ghost Trader
Secret Shopper Visit one of the secret markets
Would Edward Woodward, if He Could? Attend the Summertide event for a second time
That Was My Foot Take part in a dance
I'd Rather Keep the Cow Plant 3 magic beans
Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road? Take an egg from a Chicken Migration
The Jaunting Receive an item from a ghost during the Spirit Walk
Field of Screams Strike Fred Barleycorn
Clowning Around Witness Tickling Tom Hookfingers scaring a villager
There Will Be Blood Fight during a Blood Moon
Total Carnage Fight during an Eclipse
Spawn Camper Catch a fish during a Fish Frenzy
Is it Safe to Eat? Pick a mushroom during a Mushroom Sporing
Allergy Season Pick a flower during a Flower Bloom
A Lode of Fun Mine some ore during an Ore Rush
Seeing Stars Witness a Lucky Lucky Star
In Good Graces Make an offering to the Goddesses
A Literal Godsend Receive a 5 star boon from a Goddess