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The location map fully unlocks when you find all Mapstones in a location.

The guide image above shows:


A control to change map modes.

To change map modes:

  • Mouse: Click on the control
  • Keyboard: Use the left and right arrow keys
  • Gamepad: Left and right on the left thumbstick

The map modes are:


The name of the Location.


The player's current position.


To close the location map screen:

  • Mouse: Click the "Close" button
  • Keyboard: Press the Q key
  • Gamepad: Press the B button

To open the world map screen:

  • Mouse: Click the "World map" button
  • Keyboard: Press the R key
  • Gamepad: Press the X button

Area Exits

LocationMap Exits.png

The area exits mode shows other locations connected to this one, walk through these exits to change location.


LocationMap Homes.png

The homes map mode shows the names of each home in this location, with icons below the name to show who lives there.


LocationMap Locations.png

The locations map mode shows points of interest such as:

Date Spots

LocationMap DateSpots.png

The date spots map mode shows places that can be part of date tasks.

Angling Map

LocationMap Angling.png

The angling map mode shows the positions of the types of Fish you can catch in this location.