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Noticeboard 01 Final.png


A noticeboard is located in the the centre of each of the main villages. Make sure to check it regularly as it provides valuable information on a daily rotation:

  • Information on upcoming events
  • Task requests from local NPCs

Accepting Notices

Noticeboard 02 Final.png


The first time you interact with a noticeboard in a new village you will find several messages giving details of weekly events. These are the activities around Quill that rotate on a weekly schedule. Selecting the message adds all the details you need to know to your calander.


Villagers can post tasks on the noticeboard in exchange for Brass or Friendship-Points. Notices regenerate every day, but some dangerous, well-paying task types are only available to adults. Noticeboard tasks can always be handed in at a character's mailbox. The reward won't be affected.

To select a notice:

  • Mouse: Click on a letter in the list
  • Keyboard: Use the arrow keys to highlight a letter
  • Gamepad: Use the left thumbstick to highlight a letter

Noticeboard 03 Final.png

Selecting a task from the noticeboard will bring up additonal information and a longer description of the task. Accepting the task will add it to your journal.