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Friendships are very important in Quill. Each NPCs has 7 levels of friendship

  • Hatred
  • Dislike
  • Unfriendly
  • Neutral
  • Friendly
  • Like
  • Love.

Friendship Points

Friendship level is raised by earning Friendship Points, which are called FP in-game. FP can be gained from gifting and completing requests the NPC gave you.

  • Gifting Liked items grants more FP, and birthday gifting grants a lot of FP.
  • Gifting disliked items deducts lots of FP, so find out likes and dislikes first if you can.

Friendship 01 Final.png

NPCs who are neutral upwards will grant gossip when you do things for them, whereas they will not give info if they dislike you.

Friendship 02 Final.png

Friendship levels unlock bonuses (and adversely affect interactions when negative).

Viewing a Homestone will show the average friendship level of that household.

Friendship 03 Final.png

Raise the level above the threshold to unlock Permissions, granting you access to the household's fruit trees, berry bushes, crop squares and stoves.

NPC Stories

Friendship 04 Final.png
  • Raising an NPC friend level to Friendly will unlock the first stage of an NPC Story. This is background flavour dialogue.
  • Raise the level to Like to get another bit of dialogue.
  • When an NPC is raised to Love level, they give a task, which when completed, unlocks their love.
  • At Love level, an NPC can be married.