Encounter Events

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Encounters usually involve the player discovering unique NPCs and Creatures that are only active under certain criteria

Encounters don’t happen at random, instead they occur under strict conditions and at fixed locations

Encounter 01 Final.png

Black Barrag

A big black dog that appears at night and sits outside the home of an NPC that is due to die soon. It doesn’t do anything or offer the player any reward, but it informs the player 1 week in advance of when an NPC will be dying. This gives them time to wrap up any story quests they may have left or any uncompleted tasks left hanging.

1 week before an NPC dies. The Black Barrag will be visible between midnight and 6am.

Encounter 02 Final.png


Groups of small creatures that live deep in the mines. As the player travels deeper into the mines these creatures will become more common.

They’ll chase the player about when active and will steal some ore and boot the player from the mine if caught. The beam on the lantern and the slingshot can be used to keep them at a distance.

Witch Hunter 01 Final.png

Witch Hunter

The Witch Hunter is a unique NPC that sets the player unique combat focused Tasks.

They can be found in Homesteads tavern between the hours of 6pm and 6am, with a new set of tasks each week.

Encounter 03 Final.png

Ghost Trader

The Ghost Trader is a unique NPC that sells a bundle of items at a price. He can only be seen at night when using the Obscura.

The player is offered a Yes/No choice on whether they want to take the bundle.

  • The bundle gifts the player 5 randomised max quality Monster Parts
  • The cost is 3 randomly inflicted negative traits at max potency and length.

When the traits are applied they cannot be removed, even when eating other food items. When the purchase is made and the traits applied the player will get a short pop up that explains that these traits are permanent for a limited amount of time and that they need to wait for them to wear off.