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Competition 01 Final.png


There are four major competitions that take place during the year in Quill.

These are the Flower Show, the Great Quillish Bake-Off, Fishing Competition and the Vegetable Show.

You will recive a letter three days before each competition is due to start, giving details of where the competition is taking place and giving you an invitation to join. This information is added to your calendar.

Start Times

Competitions take place on the 12th of every season, with each season presenting a different type of competition.

Competition Location Season
Flower Show Festival Green Spring
Great Quillish Bake-Off FestField Summer
Vegetable Show FineFayre Autumn
Fishing Competition Greymarket Winter

Taking Part

Competition 02 Final.png

To enter a competition make sure to get to the competition tent and interact with the Master of Events. Who will give you details on how to enter.

You must then take three items and place them on the cushions within the tent before the competition closes at 3pm.

After the competition ends the player can return to the Master of Events to reveal the winner.


Competition 03 Final.png

The items entered into the competition must meet the criteria set out by the competition theme.

For the most part this is straightforward, fish for the fishing competition, vegetables for the vegetable show, flowers for the flower show, but the bake-off has some extra requirements. Before the competition starts the Master of Events will give the player a specific type of meal that they must bake. This could be any one of the different categories given in the cookbook.

Once the three items are placed and confirmed you will be scored on your final entries. Points are awarded for quality and variety. So make sure each item is as high a star value as possible and try not to use duplicate items.

When the competition is over, you'll be rewarded with the entries of every competitor that placed below you.