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When you enter any combat zone, you are presented with the combat loadout screen.

Collect, craft and harvest various weapons, tools and items to better equip yourself for the battle ahead.

The bare minimum you need to enter combat is a sword, but for higher difficulties its in your best interest to stock up and get preped.


Each slot on the loadout allows for equiping a different selection of items, each with their own pros and cons.

Aim to tailour your loadout the enemies you'll be facing.

Combat Loadout 01 Final.png


You can equip two types of swords. Each sword comes with its own strengths and weaknesses as well as damage bonuses. Whilst you'll usually want the sword that hits the hardest, some swords will do bonus damage to troublesome enemies.


Your bow is automatically equipped


In the top slot you can equip wards and in the bottom slot charms.

  • Wards provide defences from powerful attacks.
  • Charms buff the player with stat increases or unqiue passive bonuses.
  • The lanern can also be equiped in the charm slot for added light we fihting iat nigth.


10 combat items can be equipped along the belt. Each combat item has a different use in battle. Some target the enemy, where as others buff the player. Some target the nodes between the enemy and the player, throwing up defences and distractions.


Effigies are always equipped, as long as you have one in your inventory, but only one of each type can be used in battle. Choose wisely when to deploy them, after charging them through dealing damage.


Meals are eaten if you stop off at a campfire mid run. All items boost your health a little but each item will buff the player with any active traits. You only get one meal per run, so picking a high quality cooked meal will provide you with the biggest bonuses.


Up to two pets can be brought along into combat with you. Each animal type has different attacks and abilities. Experiment to see which ones suit your playstyle.

Animals act autonomously, so make sure to keep them well feed and in a good mood to get the most out of them.


If you just want to get into the battle as quickly as possible. Use the Auto Equip to fill out your loadout with a selection of weapons and items. It might not be the optimum loadout but it will get you through most battles.

Combat Loadout 02 Final.png