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Goes down smoothly.

1 6
2 8
3 11
4 14
5 16
Star Rating Conditions
Charmweed picked in the afternoon, can make any person swoon.
Charmweed in the Autumn red, Can woo anyone to bed.
Hey! Looking for excellent Charmweed? Take your other half along! How that works I do not know.
I was dreaming it was raining and I was picking Charmweed. They made me the most charming person in Quill, and the chicks loved me. And adult chickens too.
Charmweed (Location Proverb 1)
By brooks and streams where it is dank, Charmweed lays and has a nap.
Charmweed (Location Proverb 2)
Charmweed doesn't like the snow, So pick it another time you know.
Charmweed (Use Proverb)
Always use cool Charmweed, If you value Charm and Speed.



Pie of You and ITraditional pie for marriage rituals. The High Priest requires a fresh pie.


You can offer this item to Aurore.