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Aurore is the Goddess of the Sky. She is the eldest of the current Fae Goddesses and creator of Opal. She is incredibly thoughtful and wise and her moods affect the weather in Quill.


Raining again? Aurore is sad about something. Sunshine? She is happy. Rainbows? She's probably been partaking of too much Ambrosia.

Aurore mainly stays away from the other Goddesses, whom she finds irritating.

When the Fae first crept into the world of humans, the Goddesses had little power, so Aurore built Opal over the original Rift, as a conduit to channel energy to aid their strength.

As the Goddess's power grew, so Opal grew and took a palatial form. Other Spirits and lesser Gods came though to live there, in this city of pure energy.

Aurore and Hyalis were the ones who finally brought about the end of the human era...Aurore killed The Wright in a final battle for supremacy and Hyalis weighed the fate of mankind on her scales.

The scales tipped favourably for the humans, so The Agreement was signed and the survivors of the ravaged Earth became subjects of the Fae entities.